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Aimovig Update: Month Two

December 1, 2018

Did you miss the first month recap? Check it out here.

Injection Info

Injection Date: 11/01/18
Dosage: (2) 70mg = 140mg
Month Two: 11/01/18 — 11/29/18

Side Effects

Some of the side effects as well as noticeable changes (positive or negative) are outlined more in the weekly recap below.
— Lightheaded
— Dizzy
— Decreased appetite
— Heightened smells and sounds
— Occipital bone pain
— Exhaustion


I’m leading this month’s recap with my thoughts because the weekly breakdown became a little more detailed than last month. There were so many variables I felt it was important to share everything. #tmi First, my new neurologist was certain that I have been over-medicating and wanted me to go 6 weeks without pain meds. He prescribed a steroid to help with the pain during the “weening” off phase. I know there is a fine line of when to take medicine for migraine. It can be agonizing (for me) when to decide to take something. Sometimes I’ve waited too long, sometimes I have taken medicine every day, but mostly I try to avoid taking anything. I don’t fully know what all this medicine is doing to my body long-term and I just hate taking something when I’d rather power through.

So, that being said I know with one hundred percent certainty I have not been over-medicating. After a lot of thought and conversation with my husband, I decided to go the first two weeks without medicine and no steroids. This illness has proven time and time again how strong I am, so I took this as a personal test of strength and gave Aimovig a full two weeks without any other drug interaction to do it’s job – especially with the increase dosage. I felt hopeful and confident. I did not do the full 6 weeks “detox” because I also knew that I would be traveling from Nov 15-28 and most likely would need medication at some point. Just for the record below is my 2018 summary (July – Nov at least). The fact that I had 4 debilitating days in August and only took medicine 2 days… I can’t help but toot my own horn.

All that to say, I believe the traveling, new environments, new foods, etc might have contributed to my increased migraines this month… however, seeing that the severity of my migraines is still decreasing, I feel Aimovig is certainly been a more positive experience for me.

Weekly Recap

Week 1 • Nov 1 — 7

  • On the evening of the injections (140mg) as well as the next day I was extremely exhausted, found it difficult to drive the next day, and I took a nap in my car at lunch time. No amount of sleep felt restful. My mental fog was also extremely high and I worried if it was noticeable at work.
  • Day 3: was an intense fluctuation of pain. My scale of pain is measured on 0-4 (instead of 0-10) and this day it would go from 1 to 4 in a matter of seconds, going up and down drastically. It was mentally and physically exhausting.
  • I usually have sensitivity to smells or experience weird smells before/during/after a migraine, but this first week I kept smelling something very chemical-like.
  • Day 5: The electric shocks returned after not having them for 4 days. This was the first time I also experienced them in my body other than my head. Only one time in my right calf and once in my right shoulder. The pain shot up into my neck and head which started a headache and that stuck around and kept me awake most of the night.
  • Noticeable short pockets of relief ranging from 30 seconds to a few hours without pain.

Week 2 • Nov 8 — 14

  • Day 10: starting to feel a lot of occipital bone pain (aching, burning, deep) and electric shocks increased.
  • Overall though noticing a huge milestone with the amount of migraines I’m experiencing per week from 2-4 to 1-2. ? Additionally, I seem to recover much faster than ever before.
  • I continue to experience a daily persistent headache, fluctuating blurred vision and the electric shocks in my head.

Week 3 • Nov 15 — 21
I spent day 15-19 with my best friend Lauren before meeting my husband to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with his side of the family. Lauren has been one of my main anchors of support this past year. She went above and beyond to provide a comfortable, stress-free oasis away from Los Angeles. It was heaven!

  • Day 15: travel day, had a direct flight. Migraine kicked up during boarding process due to a scent trigger. Luckily, the migraine itself wasn’t as bad as it could have been and only lasted 2 hours despite a crying baby on board.
  • Not sure if it was the airplane or what but my ears have been throbbing (and continue to ring, but that started in May) non-stop.
  • Day 17: all day migraine between a 2-3 pain scale that didn’t seem to break no matter what I did.
  • Day 19: travel day to the in-law’s home. Fairly low pain day. Migraine kicked up during the first flight but came back down during second flight.
  • Day 20 – 21: a migraine on both of these days set the tone of the rest of the week…

Week 4 • Nov 22 — 29

  • Day 22 through 25: I had a migraine every day with little to no relief, and extremely debilitating. It made me wonder if I was having multiple migraines or a long continuous one. ??
  • Day 26: the day before must have broken some kind of cycle because while I still had a consistent daily headache I was able to function somewhat normally, and socialize with family. ?
  • Day 28: travel day back home, had a consistent headache
  • The intensity of the electric shocks has decreased however now experienced more shocks in my body this week (stomach, foot, legs).
  • My vision has been more debilitating this past week as well

Next up

Continue to wait, hope, and pray that the increased dosage helps. Especially curious if a more accurate assessment will come from December since I have no travel plans, and 2 weeks off of work at the end of the month. Looking forward to resting and being in pjs every day. As far as my treatment, I’d like to stay on this for another month maybe a total of 6 months before considering another CGRP or maybe even adding in another preventative on top of Aimovig. I have not decided how I feel about my new neurologist, but right now I do like his treatment over my past two doctors.

This post is not sponsored and all of these thoughts are my own.

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