A Migraineur’s Guide to Being A Spoonie

January 23, 2019

Image Credit: Ryan Christodoulou

When I first learned about The Spoon Theory it didn’t initially resonate. Part of me felt uncomfortable saying that I was chronically ill especially when I compared my migraines to other illnesses. It wasn’t until I was struggling to get through a day, and I needed help figuring out how to reserve my energy that I then embraced the spoonie life.

I made this infographic to help me visualize how I was using my spoons, and help others learn a little about The Spoon Theory.

My biggest lesson has been to be intentional with my time and recently shared a few ways to save spoons if you’re working with migraine.

The spoonie community is supportive, kind and encouraging. A year later and I’m still learning and adjusting but more than just knowing how to “save spoons”, I have gained strength and important life lessons we all should embrace.

Self Care Isn’t Selfish

Make an appointment with yourself and stick to it like you would any other. You are just as important and worthy of your own time as anyone else. Especially when things get hectic and busy. — via @spoonie_village

Our Minds Are Powerful

The way we speak to ourselves determines the way we feel and how we behave. Our thoughts constantly reinforce our reality. Next time you look in the mirror, begin to appreciate the body you have and the flaws that make you unique. — via @selfcareisforeveryone

Vocalize Your Needs

It’s okay to ask for help. Most people want to help you if you let them.

Practice Gratitude

Benefits of practicing gratitude — via My Heart Chakra

  • Shields you from negativity
  • Makes you at least 25% happier
  • Eliminates stress
  • Improves sleep and relationships
  • Boosts self-esteem

Self Love Means Forgiving Yourself

Let yourself shine for the true person you really are, all of the good parts because they are so much more than any mistakes you have made. — via @girlandhermoon

I’d love to hear from you! Are you a fellow spoonie or taking care of someone with a chronic illness?

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