Aimovig Migraine

Aimovig Update: Month Three

January 8, 2019

Injection Info

Injection Date: 11/29/18
Dosage: (2) 70mg = 140mg
Month Three: 11/29/18 — 12/27/18

Side Effects

Some of the side effects as well as noticeable changes (positive or negative).

— Exhaustion
— Extreme loss of appetite
— Occipital bone pain
— Electric shocks (still remain from first month but seem less severe)
— Shortness of breath
— Strange new body odor
— Hair lightening up (and not coloring it or out in the sun for it to change colors)


A total of 15 migraines and 6 triptan days.

When I look at those numbers compared to the previous 4 months prior to Aimovig (when I was on Namenda) it’s not really that much of a difference. I’m having roughly the same amount of migraines and my daily headaches are still consistent, but now I do have a little relief sprinkled in. The difference is if the persistent headache isn’t present the occipital bone pain is. I also had 4 days of mild pain at the beginning of the month, just like in month one and two. I couldn’t really work though because my eyes were too blurry. Low pain and still blurry vision? ?

Month three was supposed to give me a better idea how I was responding to Aimovig since I was traveling half of month two… and I think it did just that. I had my normal routines, same environment, no traveling, same food, etc. and my take away from December is feeling like it was one of my worst months in 2018.

While I have been able to push myself and be a little more active than the previous two months; I find myself powering through pain again. I wish I could give Aimovig more credit, but I think the reality is my strength.

Weekly Recap

Week 1 • Nov 29 — Dec 6

On the evening of the injections (140mg) it hurt so badly as the medicine entered my legs and I almost cried. Also some liquid didn’t go in and I wasn’t sure if that was an issue. Instagram and Reddit forums suggested doing the next injections at room temp. Side Note: I did try that for my fourth month injections on 12/27/2018, and it worked, no stinging! 

  • Day 2: I experienced more electric shocks and in different parts of my body at random. Still happening inside my head too but not as intense (only sometimes). ⚡
  • Day 3: woke up with a horrible headache and as it started to build I took Excedrin and drank some coffee. Felt it was stabilizing but then it immediately flared back up peaking to my highest level of pain. I stayed in bed the rest of the day.
  • This first week I felt a bigger decrease in my appetite and exhausted earlier than usual.
  • Day 4: Saw my chiropractor for an occipital massage ??‍♀️

Week 2 • Dec 7 — 13

  • Day 7: felt electric shocks in my butt, foot and calf.
  • Day 8: almost exactly just the same at last Saturday’s migraine. Stayed in bed all day.
  • Day 9: headache felt different when I woke up, and had been awake most of the night with pain. Migraine was heavy, especially around my temples and eyes. Additionally, having a lot of occipital bone pain.
  • Day 10: third day in a row with a continuous migraine… the pain I went to sleep with kept waking me up and continued into am. Pain started to break around 12pm.
  • Day 11: no sleep = head cold
  • Day 12: low pain day, trade off = occipital bone pain and shocks ⚡️
  • Day 13: all day occipital bone pain and shocks ⚡️

Week 3 • Dec 14 — 20

  • Day 15, 16, 17 and 18: heavy migraine days. also on Saturday again.
  • Lots and lots of continued occipital bone pain and shocks ⚡️
  • Shortness of breath coming and going, and just tried my best to meditate and breath deeply.

Week 4 • Dec 21 — 27

  • Day 21, 22, and 23: The biggest worst migraine flares of the month.
  • Day 24 and 25: Low pain days!!! Thank you Santa! ???
  • Fourth injection on the 27th… to be continued for next month’s recap.

Next up

As far as my treatment with Aimovig I’m really, really feeling like I want to discontinue. I know that I mentioned in my last recap that I’d still like to stay on Aimovig for a total of 6 months, but no one advised me to do that.

I have an appointment Jan 18th to see a new neurologist. They have an extensive holistic treatment plan that I’m hoping opens some doors to figure out the cause of my migraines. I’ve spent the whole year trying to do this myself and it’ll be nice to hopefully find a neurologist that believes in looking at the whole body.

This post is not sponsored and all of these thoughts are my own.

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