Gratitude Grounds Me

March 28, 2019

Photo Credit: Artem Kovalev

Everyday I write down in my journal a handful of things I feel grateful for. I have found that it’s extremely important to keep this routine because when the pain days are frequent and I find myself struggling to keep a positive mindset, gratitude grounds me.

Reflecting at the end of each month I usually ask myself how I can improve my mindset. Fear, anger, regret, guilt… this can become a vicious cycle no one likes to be stuck in. My husband is also affected by my emotional and physical state. We are acutely aware and in-tuned to each other’s energy, and I have found that practicing gratitude is self-care that we both benefit from.

Cultivating a Gratitude Practice

I had a friend that asked if I wanted to participate in exchanging 3-5 gratitudes a day via email. We did this for almost a year.

Then I bought a one line a day journal and I started to write them there. These days I now include them in my journaling because I feel it helps me see the positive even if I have journaled negative things.

Some days when my pain is really difficult, or especially if I’m in a long migraine flare, I will ask my husband to join me we’ll exchange our gratitudes out loud. Always returning to this practice of gratitude time after time is where it’s at.

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